We have an historic opportunity to fix our nation’s broken immigration system so it works for businesses, families and our economy.

Immigration reform is especially important for the 1st Congressional District. We have a border, a vibrant agricultural industry, world-leading technology and advanced manufacturing businesses and workers, families, students and entrepreneurs who are all hurting because our current system is so dysfunctional.

From business, labor, farmers, workers, law enforcement, to faith leaders – they all agree, the time is now for comprehensive immigration reform.

To spur job growth and drive our economy forward, we must pass comprehensive immigration reform. I helped introduce a comprehensive immigration reform bill during my first term.  It creates an earned path to citizenship for those who are here and working. It would make our nation safer, while also eliminating backlogs, reuniting families and would meet the demands of our nation’s economy today and into tomorrow.  I will continue to keep fighting for comprehensive immigration reform.