Fiscal Responsibility

Congress must stop lurching from one fiscal crisis to the next. This is the least efficient and most expensive way to budget. The time has come to restore fiscal transparency and sanity in Congress. We must move forward by passing a responsible budget that cuts wasteful spending and prioritizes job-creating investments in our infrastructure, research and education. This means looking closely at where we are getting a good return on our investments and cutting in places where we are not.

At the same time, we must restore trust and integrity to our financial system. This means better oversight of financial institutions, which is why I’m fighting for modern day Glass-Steagall legislation to help protect our economy from ever experiencing another Great Recession.

For far too many working families today a safe and secure retirement is out of reach. I believe those who have worked hard their whole lives deserve the promises made to them after years of service and work. I helped introduce legislation to scrap the income contribution cap on the wealthiest Americans to keep Social Security solvent for more than 40 years. We need to look at innovative policies to turn back the trend of employers rolling back or eliminating retirement benefits. We should be making it easier for employers to help their workers build a secure retirement.