Job Creation

The COVID-19 pandemic has developed into an economic crisis not seen in a generation. 1 in 4 workers are seeking unemployment. We need to do all we can to support families and small businesses during this crisis. I introduced a job protection plan that was included in the Heroes Act that would protect an estimated 60 million jobs at 6 million businesses. This bipartisan policy would give businesses the funds to cover more of an employee’s salary for longer, keeping workers connected to their jobs and receiving benefits.

To strengthen the middle class and help our economy rebound from the COVID-19 recession we must do more to help create jobs and grow an economy that works for everyone. This means helping our small businesses and local industries rebuild so they can support good paying jobs for years to come, including aerospace, manufacturing, high-tech, sustainable agriculture, clean energy and health care. We must support businesses that are creating family wage jobs and invest in the training, education and skills of our workers to ensure they are prepared for success. To help families struggling to make ends meet, I fought for and secured $200 million in job-training funds to help low-income individuals receiving nutrition assistance get the skills and training they need to get a good-paying job and become self-sufficient.