Response to COVID-19

Our district has been responding to COVID-19 since the first case in January and I have been fighting to get the resources our frontline responders need to get through this crisis. I pushed for resources for public health responders including funds to backfill budgets so other programs weren’t shut down. I’ve been calling for supplies and funding for Washington state to build our testing and contact tracing programs. We  cannot safely reopen our economy without a national plan, which the White House has proven incapable of doing. In the absence of this leadership, Congress has approved hundreds of billions of dollars to support local public health agencies, expand testing, make sure our health care system can continue to save lives, and develop a vaccine.

I’ve also been pushing for more support for workers and families during this crisis. Congress expanded unemployment insurance to those who didn’t previously qualify, extended unemployment for 13 additional weeks, and added $600 a week on top of the benefit. We also provided direct payments to individuals and children. In the Heroes Act, he House included my proposal to provide more direct relief to families with children by expanding the Child Tax Credit and support for small businesses to keep workers on the payroll through the end of the year with an expanded Employee Retention Tax credit. These proposals will help combat the alarming rise in childhood poverty, help parents pay for childcare and keep workers connected to their benefits.