Child Tax Credit

From a lack of paid leave after a child is born to the prohibitive cost of child care — in America, folks with kids just don’t receive the kind of support they need. We’re failing parents, caregivers, and families. That’s why Suzan DelBene has been leading the fight to expand the Child Tax Credit — and why she was proud to see that expansion included in President Biden’s American Rescue Act.

No child should live in poverty in our country. No parent should have to go hungry to make sure their child gets enough to eat. It’s in our power to reduce child poverty and support families who are struggling, and the expanded Child Tax Credit will help. Checks begin to go out on July 15th. But the expanded credit is only in place for a year. To help kids and their families to thrive, and to cut child poverty across the country in half, we need to make this expansion permanent.

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