Sandra Fluke joins Suzan DelBene on campaign trail


BELLINGHAM – Sandra Fluke was in Washington today campaigning with 1st Congressional district candidate Suzan DelBene. Speaking to a group of supporters and volunteers, Fluke made the case of how pivotal the race for Washington’s 1st District was to protect people’s access to affordable, quality healthcare that everyone deserves.

Fluke, who was famously denied an opportunity to testify before Congress on contraception and then was smeared by Rush Limbaugh for daring to speak out, jokingly pointed out that while he was in the legislature, Koster sponsored a highly divisive resolution praising Limbaugh as a “national treasure” with “animal magnetism." Fluke said she is much more concerned with Koster’s positions on consequential legislation, but that the resolution certainly was an interesting use of the legislature’s time.

“The election this November is a clear choice between those who want to take our country back to an offensive, obsolete relic of our past by rolling back the rights and protections of women; or a nation where we all have access to affordable, quality healthcare and women themselves have the freedom to choose,” said Fluke. “The choice in the race for the 1st Congressional District couldn’t be clearer either. Suzan DelBene faces a radical Tea Party opponent who shares Rep. Todd Akin’s positions on women’s health and would just be another vote for their extreme agenda. We need to do everything we can to elect Suzan.”

A recent graduate of Georgetown Law Center, Fluke has travelled the country as an inspirational figure speaking in support of women’s health and other social justice concerns, including a role at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte earlier this month.

“I’m honored to have Sandra Fluke’s support to help highlight how important this election will be for determining whether or not we are going to go forwards or backwards in our country,” said DelBene. “Sandra’s bravery and willingness to speak out on behalf of women all across the country is inspirational and having her here is a clear reminder of what’s at stake in this election. The voters of the 1st District want a representative who will stand up for equality and who will protect a women’s right to make her own health care decisions.”

Before entering the 1st District race, DelBene served as head of the Washington State Department of Revenue, where she oversaw more than 1,000 employees. Previously, DelBene pursued a successful career in business, working as an executive at Microsoft, and in biotech, technology and microfinance.