Suzan DelBene

Personal Story

Growing up, Suzan saw her parents struggle to make ends meet.

Determined to arm herself with a quality education, with the help of student loans and financial aid, Suzan worked her way through college and earned a bachelor's degree from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. She later received a Master's in Business Administration from the University of Washington.

After college and graduate school, Suzan become a leader in technology and innovation.

Suzan embarked on a 12-year career at Microsoft. Among just a handful of women serving at the executive leadership level at Microsoft, Suzan worked as a corporate vice president running worldwide sales, marketing, and product management for the company's mobile technology business.

She also helped create as its original vice president of marketing and store development. She served as CEO and president of the startup company Nimble Technology.

Beyond her private sector experience, public service has always been central to Suzan's story. It is a key reason she decided to seek public office in the first place. She was an advisor to Global Partnerships, a microfinance nonprofit focused on providing needed loans to help create economic opportunities for people living in poverty. She has worked with the YWCA to build programs to provide transitional housing and job training to women and families struggling to get back on their feet.

In 2010, Suzan was appointed by Governor Gregoire to be the Director of the Washington State Department of Revenue. During one of the most difficult budget challenges in state history, Suzan worked to streamline government and save money. She also traveled the state working with small businesses to develop solutions to simplify the tax code and reduce administrative
burdens on taxpayers.

With a lifetime of business experience and community involvement, Suzan offers a vision for economic growth based on supporting the efforts of businesses and individuals to transform innovative ideas into new opportunities. She brings a depth of experience and history of achieving results that is essential in today's difficult economic and political environment.

Suzan and her husband Kurt have two children and are proud to call the 1st district home.

Representing Washington's 1st Congressional District

Why I Am Running

To build a vibrant economy that works for everyone, we must do more to strengthen our middle class.

Six years after Wall Street drove our economy into a ditch, too many people are still struggling to find work. School budgets continue to get slashed and rising tuition costs are putting college out of reach for too many Washingtonians.

While we face these difficult circumstances today, I remain optimistic about our future. As I travel throughout the district, I’m inspired by all of the people I meet. Whether it’s a farmer in the Skagit Valley, a machinist at Boeing or a computer engineer in Redmond, they all share a commitment to working hard to build a better life for themselves and their families. They believe in investing in their communities to make them strong and vibrant. They care about giving their children educational opportunities that open the door to future success. They seek economic security for themselves but remain generous in their desire to help their neighbors, even when times are tough.

This is why I believe we need – now more than ever – leaders who will place people above politics.

We need a leader who understands the power of innovation and who has the experience and determination to get things done in Washington, D.C. We need a leader who values creative and lasting solutions over empty partisanship. We need someone committed to the Democratic principles of honesty, integrity, equality of opportunity and fair play. We need someone who will never lose sight of our shared commitment to the common good, but who also knows how to reach out across political divides to bring together diverse and competing interests to create progress.

After spending more than 20 years building innovation-based businesses that create good jobs for talented, hard working men and women, I understand the role that government can play in fostering sustainable economic growth. This is why I’m a leader in the House of Representatives on passing comprehensive immigration reform and fighting to update our policies as technology evolves to support an innovation economy for the 21st century.

And growing up in a family where we struggled to make ends meet, and where I could not have gone to college without financial aid and student loans, I know how important it is that we keep our promise to the next generation and that we find ways to help people help themselves, such as my successful efforts to roll back the doubling of student loan interest rates last year or securing $200 million in job training funds to help low-income individuals get good jobs.

I’m Suzan DelBene, and I ask for your support.